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jeff osborne

When I was a junior at Bosse High School in 1968, my journalism class instructor was Ms. Mary Yoe, a dear and talented lady. Early in the year she came to me and said that the schoolís only student photographer had just resigned, and asked if I would like the job. I said yes! Ms. Yoe taught me the basics, as there was no photography class, and no darkroom in the school. But it was a privileged position, and I consider it to be a wonderful turning point in my life.

In 2001 the change to digital photography reignited my zeal for personal expression in photography. Iíve traded my enlarger and trays for my computerís electronic darkroom, and it suits me.

My images tend to illustrate the subtle beauty of everyday life. To find splendor in the modest and humble is my aesthetic objective. Sometimes I like to say my photographs are images from the yonder shore. In Buddhism, the yonder shore is the ultimate destination, beyond ego, beyond desires and fears, it is nirvana. I hope my photos can help to convey the notion that nirvana is here and now.

The Fine Arts Camera Club has been very important in my development technically and inspirationally, and I recommend that anyone can benefit by attending and participating in the monthly meetings. http://www.fineartscameraclub.org/ No charge to attend. Check it out!

If you have a question or comment, or if you would like to purchase one of my photographs, send a note to: jeff@osbornephotos.com

Here is a look at my homemade high color rendition LED studio light.

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